Simply put, @Civicboom is:

An online platform allowing organisations and individuals to work together in generating news and rich media content.

As a larger, and more attractive selling point Civicboom is constructed from its own open platform or API – an Application Programming Interface. Essentially an API is a framework that provides both the environment, and the means by which programmers can build software applications.

Because Civicboom has its own open API, it is customisable – meaning that the simple idea above can be tailored and applied to different uses through the development of an application. Effectively, Civicboom provides a means by which organisations can make their businesses more efficient.


Here are a few examples of how Civicboom can be used:

  • A local news organisation and their journalists can assign their community, generate breaking news and work with the very people they represent in getting the story
  • Researchers can use it to create trending heat map/infographics with drill down on breaking news – patterns/peaks/forecasts etc
  • Marketing companies can use it to analyse chatter of specific issues in targeted areas and demographics in the development of campaigns or products
  • Conferences can run event schedules and gather real-time insight, networking trends, videos and discussions from delegates through CB Mobile App
  • Governments and local authorities can develop and test policies within their community in both real-time and long-tail status
  • Businesses can use Civicboom as their internal and external communications platform


At the heart of the Civicboom Team is a team of 4 award-winning web developers – they competed and won at the 2011 Guardian (H)activate Summit and the HP OS Web Developer competitions.



The purpose of this blog

Our journey in getting to this point has been varied, challenging and insightful. We could talk about the day-to-day hurdles we, as a small team, have faced over the last few months.

However, we want to look at the “bigger picture” – the theory and practice of collaboration and social engagement through technology; what does it mean and where will it take us?


If you’re interested in how Civicboom can work for you, get in touch directly:

Elizabeth Hodgson / CEO and Founder – e.hodgson@civicboom.com
Jamie Andrews / Marketing Account Manager – j.andrews@civicboom.com

Twitter: @civicboom
Linked In
Contact us: contact@civicboom.com


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