Welcome back!!

Ladies and gentlemen…@Civicboom. Is. Back.

What an extremely busy summer it’s been… As an internet startup entering it’s second year in existence we are now aware [thanks to the immeasurably helpful designers of the startup ‘Benchmarking’ tool – The Startup Genome] that we are in the midst of our ‘Validation’ stage – the most perilous of them all. What a ride this is turning out be!

The Startup Genome Project [@startupgenome] over in Silicone Valley [led by some big brains from the universities at Stanford and Berkeley amongst others] is attempting to: “map, model and analyze what makes startups tick, what helps them succeed and why many of them fail.” In effect, they are attempting to discover whether building a successful startup can be turned into a science. Naturally we decided to give them a go…

Their most recent study, based on a study of 3200 startups, has determined the following four stages [to be increased to 6 following feedback]:

1. Discovery
2. Validation
3. Efficiency
4. Scale

We at Civicboom have assessed ourselves to be late on in the ‘Validation’ stage. Meaning that we “are looking to get early validation that people are interested in [our] product through the exchange of money or attention.”

In effect, we want to know that people like our concept enough to commit to using us. The short and simple answer to this is a resounding “YES!”.

Since we last posted, we’ve been meeting with a large number of leading news agencies, publishers and organisations – demonstrating Civicboom everywhere, all summer. For example, only last week we visited Thomson Reuters in their Canary Wharf offices… As we said – LEADING companies!

In each instance we’ve found that there’s a ‘Penny Drop’ moment – when the idea clicks, and the possibilities start rushing in. We know now that there are inefficient processes at work, in a number of different industries, that we can solve – and they know it too.

So, we’ve been building ‘Feedback Relationships’ and working out procedures to collect any suggestions that are delivered back to us. We’re also knee-deep in research; learning industry workflows and working out where we can fit in – devouring feedback and responding with solutions. Very exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, it’s all been at the sacrifice of our blogging duties… But fear not, because once again we’re here to share our journey with you.

Contact us with your thoughts by e-mail at feedback@civicboom.com


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